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Digital Guestbook

Westcombe Salcombe Proposal

Meet the modern way to provide a guestbook to your clients on arrival at your property. Think of it as a major-upgrade on the traditional guestbook with added features.
Custom-built Digital Guestbook - Provide as much information as you like to your guests
Tablet & Mobile optimised guestbook - ideal for guests to read at your property
Pre-arrival Access - choose to give guests access pre-arrival with a direct link
Link or QR Code Access - Add a QR code inside the propoerty or a link at the property for direct access
'App-like' experienced in iPad 'Guided Access' mode
Update any time from anywhere using the custom CMS
Make live to the world or hidden, for your guests only
Gives your accommodation an USP, so they come back and leave great reviews

Pricing for Westcombe Salcombe

Option 1
Custom Digital Guestbook


Your custom-built Digital Guestbook

Custom design & development of a digital guestbook

Choose up to 5 categories (such as local visits, property rules, local restuarants, useful links, shops etc.)

Add your own content, and add/edit at any time

Fully branded and built around your requirements

Integrate a message function (such as Facebook Messenger)

Option 2
Custom Digital Guestbook + Content


Your custom-built Digital Guestbook PLUS Content Produced

Everything in Option 1 PLUS

Content researched and written for your local area for up to 5 categories (does not include property-specific content)

How it Works

We will aim to make it as easy as possible to get this live. The timeline depends in part on how quickly you can provide assets to our team but we can turn it around in as little as 10 days.

1. Discovery
We work with you to define the category headings and give you a list of things we need from you.

2. Design

We wireframe the guestbook and create the home page design giving the overall look and feel.

3. Build

Content is provided and we design and develop the guestbook. There are opportunities for feedback.

4. Launch

When the Digital Guestbook is complete you sign it off. We then launch (we take care of DNS updates for you).

5. Happy Guests

You provide access to your guests however you want and help them enjoy their stay even more! You can update the Digital Guestbook at any time you want using the CMS.

Ready to Get Started?

Send us a message and we are ready to help!
01637 838 159

Outline Terms Overview

1. The pricing above is based on design and development of the Digital Gudestbook. Any hardware (such as iPads) are not included.

2. The prices do not include web hosting. We can add this to your current Webflow website (in a hidden section) or it can be a seperate setup. For a seperate solution, you will require seperate hosting @ £200 per annum.

3. If you choose option 1, you will be responsible for uploading the content.

4. Stock magery is included in the pricing, but destination specific imagery is not included.

Note -we will send you full T&Cs upon selection of a package. But be assured, they are based on the above outline.