What is a CMS?

(CMS stands for Content Management System)

You have (or you are getting) a shiny new website from Paddle, cracking! Your company does what it does better than anyone else, cracking! But what about if you change address, or a team member leaves? Despite being 'cracking' on all fronts your website is now out of date :(

No fear...you have a CMS with your Paddle created website. A CMS put simply will allow you to login to your website securely via a web browser and edit certain parts of the site. Working with Paddle, you will be able to specify which parts of the site you would like control over, whether that just be certain pages, all text, all text and images or more.

Want more POWER? This is where the Paddle CMS comes into its' own. Depending on what type of site you have built, you could have access to 'dynamic' pages allowing you to add and remove parts of the site (without fear of breaking it). Pre-defined page templates such as a new blog post, employee, service or location will allow you to add, delete, update all of this with ease.

Upon completion, Paddle will, well, 'paddle' with you to ensure you know how to use the CMS and be on hand to assist at all times.