What is a 'Responsive' Website?

How are you reading this page? On a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet, or your phone? However you read this website it should be working and 'responsive'. So in short a responsive site is one that 'responds' to the device that you read it on. Gone are the days where you only use the desktop PC to go on the internet, the world wants to view what it wants online whatever device they have to hand, with over 50% of website usage now coming on smartphones.

All websites built by Paddle are responsive. They are built from scratch, tested and then run through the (digital) mill to test them across over 40 devices and over 30 browsers to check for any issues. So you can be sure when you get your keys to your beautiful new Paddle website, not only will you think its great but so will your customers, wherever they view it from.

*Please note older browsers such as Internet Explorer are not supported. Internet Explore and older browsers make up less than 1% of how people access the internet. At Paddle we create for the 99% not the 1%.