What is SEO?

(SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation)

Do you use Google? Of course you do, everyone who uses the internet uses Google.  SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is a term which describes the fight to appear higher Google’s organic rankings.

The battle for companies to appear high in Google rankings is a hard fought one, but the strange part is nobody (probably not even Google) knows which elements truly make up the algorithm which dictates which sites rank where for keywords. Even worse, Google is constantly updating this algorithm, marketers fear nothing more than the latest Google 'Panda' update or 'Penguin' tweak (true story, Google usually names algorithm updates after animals).

However, there are some known fundamental parts of your site that you must do right in order to start to have a hope of a decent rank for your chosen keywords.  Some of these aspects include:
Clean site code, indexing with Google, accurate, relevant meta data and good quality onsite content amongst other things.

Meta Data refers to the page title and page description on every page. These are very important as it's one of the key ways Google identifies what a page is all about, so taking time to carefully write these in a Google and user friendly manner is crucial.

The good news is every site hand-crafted by Paddle will be complete the basic fundamental elements of Google requirements giving you a good start.

The bottom line is although these basics will allow you to appear on Google and give you a good foundation, if you want to take SEO further and gain traction so you appear on the first page of Google or top 3 (which is where you want to be) then there is much more to it.  You need to work like a horse to have any hope, and it takes time.  But you don’t need to ‘work like a horse’…let Paddle remove the horse from the equation, take on the SEO challenge for you and help you gain traction.  Interested in Paddle SEO? Get in touch and find out more.

Another option which will allow you jump the queue is Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click marketing.  Discover more about how you can harness the power of PPC here