What is SSL?

(SSL stands for ‘Secure Socket Layer')

Secure Socket Later…yep sounds boring right?  OK, it’s boring…but important!

When your site is live it’s hosted on a webserver.  Trouble is there are some bad folk out there who want to hack your website to harm you and/or your site visitors by getting in between your site and webserver.  This happens every day and is why Google will push sites higher in search results that have SSL encryption as they are safer sites.

SSL encrypts the link between a web server and a browser meaning any data passing through it is safe and secure, and your visitors know they are on a safe site (hence the padlock icon displayed on the top of a web browser to show it has a SSL encryption).  If a site does not use SSL it will be labelled "not secure" by the main web browsers, strongly discouraging people from visiting your site.

Here is the most important part - all sites hosted with Paddle have the huge benefit of SSL!  You can choose to host your site on your own or another server, but why would you do that? The Paddle server is based on AWS (Amazon Web Servers), so it is probably the best in the world, Paddle implement SSL, and it is super fast and secure.