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Pricing for Webodew

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Let's take over the world.
Below is outline example pricing you can apply to most projects, but please check in each case before applying to your client pricing.

SEO Essentials Pricing for Webodew



Backlink Strategy

link icon in gradiant

Backlink Report - Current Backlinks Analysis

Competitor - Backlink Gap Analysis

Traffic Analysis

Backlink Strategy Gameplan



Keyword Strategy

Keyword Analysis Report

Current Rankings Analysis

(At least) 10 Keyword Opportunities Identified - using the Paddle Magic Formula

Content Strategy Gameplan

Website SEO


Technical Strategy

cogs in 3d

Full Website Audit

Problems Detail Breakdown

Provide a list of improvements along with content recommendations for up to 10 pages

Discover SEO-related opportunities

Website Strategy Gameplan

Us when we take over the world