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Viking Paddle

Your Business Growth Accelerator

Cornwall Tile Centre v3

Project Overview

After a successful launch of the new Cornwall Tile Centre website, your business now has the opportunity to Paddle like a Viking! Let us introduce our Business Accelerator service we like to call 'Viking Paddle'. Below are some options we believe will have a meaningful impact on your business.

Options & Pricing.

We understand that you have a business you want to grow and beat the competition out of the water. Time to Viking Paddle!
Website Management

Addition of Promotional section to website (one time)

Creation of shared spreadsheet for product data updates (ranges & promotional ranges)

Image optimisation for uploads

Social Media

LinkedIn - Setup (one time)

Pinterest - Page Setup Plus Boards Creation (one time)

FB / LinkedIn / Pinterest - Branding (one time)

Google My Business - Optimisation (one time)

3-4 Posts on Instagram per week

3-4 Posts on Facebook per week

3-4 Posts on Pinterest per month

Management & Support

Project Manager

Ongoing Technical Support

POWER Paddle
PRO Paddle
All pricing is based on a minimum 3-month commitment.