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Bespoke Proposal for

Collective Benefits v2

June 8, 2022

Project Overview

Anna has approached Paddle Creative to help improve their Webflow websites. Paddle Creative will undertake a full audit of four pages, develop a wireframe for the pages, create new designs and implement these on their website. We will also implement site-wide enhancements to set the site up for future growth. This will enable Collective Benefits to increase conversion rates.

Why Choose Paddle Creative?

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Work to be Undertaken

Option 1

What We Will Do

Webflow Website Upgrades


Paddle Creative will audit the current Webflow website and carry out a partial rebuild, implementing various improvements site wide, following best-practice.

  • Convert to Client First and REM-based sizing/spacing - to enable much easier and better ongoing management of the site
  • Figma Designs of 4 pages - creation of 4 page designs for Home / Product / Landing page (CMS) / Contact
  • Webflow Development of 4 pages - pages will be built using 'Client-first' method
  • CMS - creation of a new CMS collection for the landing page, allowing for easy landing page creation in the future
  • Responsive and Mobile optimised (many elements not displaying across devices etc) plus cross-browser testing
  • The site will be fully responsive website including cross-browser and device testing (WHAT IS RESPONSIVE)
  • Submission and verification of the website to Google Search Console for better SEO performance (optional)





£2,250 +vat

Option 2

Everything in Option 1 PLUS

Website Debug & Fix


We will complete a full audit of your website to identify any issues relating to SEO or accessiblity

We will then fix these issues wherever possible, including:

  • Adding and updating meta data in line with best practices (meta titles and meta descriptions)
  • Setting up 301 redirects where required
  • Marking pages '[no-index' where relevant
  • Correctly implementing Header tags across the site
  • Ensuring internal and external links are woring correctly
  • Increasing internal linkng to relevant orphaned pages
  • Adding descriptive text to links
  • Implementing best-practice accessibility across the site
  • Updating the Robots txt
  • Completing cross-browser testing (using Lambdatest software) and implementing any responsive changes required
  • Add semantic tags to all sections





£4,250 +vat

Option 3

Everything in Options 1 & 2 PLUS

Complete New Site Design & Rebuild


We will completely rebuild your site by implementing best-practice build principles:

Website Design:

  • The process will begin with a Discovery Meeting to discuss your needs, inspiration and get a full understanding of what you require to fulfill the brief
  • A website site map and wireframe of the site wil be created (WHAT IS A WIREFRAME)
  • A custom-design will be created in Figma
  • You will have feedback rounds to fine tune the design

Website Development:

Paddle Creative will develop designs into a fully functioning, custom website on the Webflow platform.

  • Custom Website development in Webflow
  • CMS (Content Management System) Dynamic Collections - We will create collections for pages that require them
  • The site will be fully responsive website including cross-browser and device testing (WHAT IS RESPONSIVE)
  • Cookie Consent banner
  • Google Analytics integration once the site goes live (optional)
  • Submission and verification of the website to Google Search Console for better SEO performance (optional)

This will include:

  • Includes all pages currently on your website, plus the new landing pages as outlined in Option 1
  • It will be based on the new imagery/illustration style you have outlined
  • The site will allow for easier transition to a rebrand in 2023



£4,950 +vat

Additional Services

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Project Terms

  • Website Upgrade Site Fee - 50% to be paid upfront, 50% on completion
  • For Option 2 or Option 3 - 50% to be paid upfront, 25% after 1 web page design has been agreed and 25% on completion
  • All prices quotes are plus VAT
  • We will require 'Designer' access within Webflow, either via your login credentials or a Workspace license
  • Any fees associated with Webflow are to be covered by yourslves

Approx Project Timeline

The following timeline is approximate and assumes all content and assets are provided when required by your team.

OPTION 1 - Approx 2 Weeks

OPTION 2 or 3 - Approx 4 Weeks

What to do next?

If this looks good to you and you want to get the project started, please let us know and we will then send you a contract and invoice and arrange a time to set up our discovery meeting. We are looking forward to paddling your business forward.