Web Design

Bespoke websites, responsive and CMS ready

Paddle creates websites designed with purpose, built with the latest technology - in short Paddle creates web experiences that connect users with goals, and brings you new customers and cements relationships with existing customers.

Websites, truly Bespoke

Every business needs a website with a purpose that functions across all devices and ultimately fulfils a purpose. Paddle will help you redefine that purpose, and carefully craft a website around the needs of your business. Paddle Creative are specialists in affordable web design in Cornwall, delivering powerful results for a range of businesses.

Your Website by Paddle will...
  • Be Responsive (work across all types of devices)
  • Content Magement System (CMS) enabled - you will be able to edit it yourself
  • Be built for SEO (Search Engine Optomisation)
  • Be secure (all Paddle sites include encryption as standard)
  • Make your brand sing to your audience
  • We think we are without doubt one of the best web design companies in Cornwall

Make your brand sing, via your website

Looking pretty but with real purpose!

Web designers can sometimes get a little technical when talking web-design. Still, the bottom line is first-impressions count (7 seconds to be exact)! That is why the number one thing Paddle think about when crafting your website - what is going to make your brand sing to your customers and make sure your business grows.

Google ready (SEO)

Search engine optomisation (SEO)

So you've paid for a beautiful site. Great. But how will your customers find your website? A large proportion of people will find you via Google.

All websites built by Paddle are SEO optimised; in simple terms this means your site will have a better chance of appearing near the top of Google search results. Being easier to find on Google means your customers will find you easier.

Correct SEO is an ongoing basis of blogs, outreach, social media and more. Still, all of that becomes irrelevant if the website foundation is not fit for purpose. Your Paddle website will give you a great foundation to propel your business to the top of Google search results.

You can manage your own website

Content Management System (CMS) enabled

Your business changes as it adapts, as your product or services change. That's why your website must be updated to adapt to these changes. For this reason, Paddle gives you the power to add/edit/alter your website yourself via an easy to use CMS. Paddle will provide full training on how to use the CMS, but it is straightforward!

In safe hands

SSL Encrypted Websites

OK, so 'SSL' sounds some seriously dull, but your website needs SSL.

SSL secures your website with encryption. Without it, your site can easily be hacked, and so can your customers. That never ends well.

All sites built and hosted with Paddle come with SSL as standard, meaning your website is safe with Paddle.

Matt Connelly
Matt Connelly
Paddle Founder

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