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Whether you are a startup or growing business, you are experts in what you do.

We like to become an expert in what you do and sprinkle marketing magic to propel your business forward.

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I'm Matt Connelly, based in Cornwall and the founder of Paddle, with a passion for helping businesses like yours grow.

I have helped to grow businesses in a range of sectors, from beauty to travel, to housing developers and language schools. I do this by what I call a '360 approach'. I tackle all aspects of business growth you want me to get involved in and strategically link it all together. Whether you are looking for simple marketing advice, a new responsive website that Google will love or implementation of a digital marketing strategy including SEO, Adwords and more - talk to me!

I have over a decade of experience in growing businesses like yours through cleverly crafted marketing strategies, always striving to go well beyond what is asked to bring results.

Discover more about the 'Paddlers' at the heart of the Paddle Creative team now.

Matt Connelly Paddle Creative founder

Have you ever asked yourself any of the below questions? You are in the right place.

How can I get customers for my local business from the internet?
How can I compete with competitors, even if they have a bigger budget?
Why don't I have more customers?
How do I make my website convert better?
Why don't customers click on my social posts?

Meet the Paddlers

The 'Paddlers' are your team! We are a small, passionate and specialist team who Paddle away to ensure your business thrives. We achieve a lot with less resources than most think possible! Think, the A-Team but with a Mac and a mouse!

Matt Connelly Paddle Creative founder

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