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Human Relations

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Your projected will be worked on by a small, expert team. But you will have a single point of contact.


Thank you so much for choosing Paddle as your creative partner for this project! We're over the moon to be working with 

Human Relations


Before we can get started, there are some key assets we will need from you.

Please note, It is crucial we have these items prior to the Kick-Off of the project. Without them, we are like Picasso without paint! - Well, not quite but we can dream..🎨

Share Your Assets

In no particular order of importance, we will need:

Any existing Imagery which will be migrated to the new website (provide these as Jpeg, SVG or PNG format)

Any existing logos which will be used on the website (The ideal format is SVG)

Brand Guidelines (If such a document exists)

Any Blog articles which will be migrated to the new website

Some examples of website Inspiration (Provide links below)

You can access your Google Drive folder here. This has been set up so you can drop the files in the relevant folders we have set up for you.

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Please list below any competitors website and details about each (e.g. what you like or don't like).


Here I would like you to list any websites that you like the look/feel of. These do not have to be related to your industry in any way, what I am looking for is what style of site you would like, so anything you like, list the website address (or particular page) and any notes about what you like about it.

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Approximate Timeline

Here is an idea of how the timeline will look for your project

design marketing

Our Guideline time for the BRANDING stage is around 5 days, this includes 1 day for Brand Discovery and Initial brainstorming, 2 days for conceptualising and creating your Brand (Designing the logo, Creating a colour pallet, Selecting Additional Fonts to solidify your Brand Guidelines), 1 day for first feedback round and Amendments, 1 day for a second feedback round, amendments, and all file exports.

Once we are in the Position of the branding being signed off, we can make a start on the Website Build.

By this point, we will have an even deeper understanding of your business and will be armed with absolutely everything we could possibly need to build you a beautiful website!

Site BuiLd

For the SITE BUILD, we like to assign 10 days in total. 5 days to the design of the site, and 5 days to the development of the site. Its crucial time is dedicated to each of these disciplines, having one without the other would be like a pasty without a filling, and nobody wants that...

During the 5 days of site design, we will be delving deeper into the requirements of your website, and how these requirements might be presented, once we have a firm grip on all of these puzzle pieces, we can begin to finesse the design, This is where we will be entwining your branding with excellent functionality and a pleasurable experience for the end-user. Hopefully resulting in more business for you!

paddle website
Website Development

Once we have the design nailed down, we can start to finalise and DEVELOP your site. This really is the nuts and bolts of how your website will work, and usually takes around 5 days to complete. But the good news is, by this point you can put your feet up and leave everything to us! The stage also involves all of the finishing touches, and final checks to ensure your website is ready to take on the world!

So there is a *rough timeline and idea of what to expect during the next few weeks. Please bear in mind this is our 'ideal' process. We are fully aware that not everything can go to plan all the time, and you should be too! If we have quoted 15 days for a Brand and Build, the work will generally be executed within 30 days from project Kick-Off , which is marked by the date we receive the assets requested at the start of this message.

Thanks again for choosing Paddle as your creative partner, now the fun begins!