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Sam & Zach


Project Start Details for 

Sam & Zach

Your Project Manager

Your projected will be worked on by a small, expert team. But you will have a single point of contact.


Thank you so much for choosing Paddle as your creative partner for this project! We're over the moon to be working with 

Sam & Zach


Before we can get started, there are some key assets we will need from you.

Please note, It is crucial we have these items before we can start your project. Without them, we are like, Picasso without paint! - Well, not quite but we can dream..🎨

Approx Project Timeline

checklist for marketing
Provide Your Assets

You will first provide the content we need. This then allows us to get on with the project.


Our Guideline time for the BRANDING stage is around 20 days. We work on the branding whilst the content is written.

Once we are in the Position of the branding being signed off, we can make a start on the Website Build.

web development
Site Design & Development

For your SITE BUILD, we estimate at least 


 days. Approximately half to the design of the site, and half to the development of the site. Its crucial time is dedicated to each of these disciplines, having one without the other would be like a pasty without a filling, and nobody wants that...

Project Complete!

Please bear in mind this is our 'ideal' process. We are fully aware that not everything can go to plan all the time, and you should be too.

Thanks again for choosing Paddle Creative as your marketing partner, now the fun begins!

Below you will find more info on what and how to provide your content.

Share Your Assets

We need some content from you before we can start your project. We need you to provide this information by the following date in order for us to keep the project on track:
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All imagery in the correct format (logos and icons in .SVG format, other imagery in .JPG or .PNG format)
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Any existing logos which will be used on the website (The ideal format is SVG)
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Brand Guidelines (If such a document exists)
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All content as per your wireframe sitemap (link below). Please create a separate document per page and layout per the wireframe
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Google Drive
You can access your Google Drive folder here. This has been set up so you can drop the files in the relevant folders we have set up for you.
Wireframe & Sitemap
We have created a website Wireframe & Sitemap which details the different pages of your website and content required on each page. Please let us know if you want any changes to this, otherwise we will assume you are happy with this.
Click on the 'note' icon on each section for more info about that section.

Send Us Some More Info


Please describe what success would be to oyu for this project?


Please list below any competitors website and details about each (e.g. what you like or don't like).


Here I would like you to list any websites that you like the look/feel of. These do not have to be related to your industry in any way, what we are looking for is what style of site you would like, so anything you like, list the website address (or particular page) and any notes about what you like about it.


Please tell us anything else we should know that will help.

Thank you! Your form has been received! Paddle will be in touch soon.
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