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GMB Posts

SOP - How We Do this at Paddle Creative!

GMB (Google My Business) is an integral part of succeeding at SEO.

An under-used feature is their 'posts' feature, with posts appearing in search results pages (SERP).

Why is it important?

Google want us to create posts. They want us to do this as it enhances their search results and makes Google a more valuable resource. Therefore we need to do what Google wants us to do - play the game Google wants us to play to win the Google game!

By adding a post, our business also takes up more real-estate space on SERP.

Need to knows About Posts

  • There are different types of Posts including 'What's New', 'Offer' and 'Event'. There are also 'Product' posts for eCommerce businesses.
  • Posts dissapear after 7 days from search results
  • All posts can still be viewed on the business profile at any point, just not in SERP
  • You can add a CTA, such as a link to a web page
  • The posts are helping SEO and visibility, so do not copy and paste text from the website, but you can take content from a social post and tweak it slightly.

How to Add a GMB Post

  • Log in to your relevant GMB profile
  • Click on 'Create a Post'
  • Click on the correct post type at the top of the page (most likely What's New)
  • Add up to 10 photoa or videos. For best results, keep it slightly landscape (recommended size is 1200x900 pixels, which is 4:£ ratio) so it looks better in SERPs (note, if adding multiple images they may not appear in the order you want them to)
  • Add post content (keep it relevant and try to include keywords).
  • The max length is 1500 characters (approx 250 words). However this is too long, so try to keep it below 40 words ideally
  • Next add a CTA (call to action). Select the most relevant one and copy the link from the website in the link box (remembering to include the full https:// version)
  • Hit preview to ensure it all looks good. Then Publish!
  • See you within 7 days to repeat!