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Instagram Interactions

SOP - How We Do this at Paddle Creative!

The more you interact with other accounts on Instagram (IG), the more follows and interactions you will likely get in return.

The benefit of this is it will mean our business will then appear in front of more users.

The ideal scenario is to spend 30-45 mins per week (can be over several days) doing 'IG Interactions'.

Here is how you should interact on Instagram

  1. For ease of use, log into a computer rather than on a phone
  2. Ensure a post has gone out on our feed within the past week (if not, put one out first)
  3. Select a target customer type (e.g. houseing developers, accountants etc)
  4. Find a suitable #hashtag and search for this in the IG search function
  5. Find suitable accounts to interact with from the seach result
  6. Ensure they are UK based. If they are local to Paddle, that will also help interactions back, but not essential
  7. The right size business (i.e. not 1 man bands) - Ideal size is 5+ staff, an OK website but definitely in need of marketing assistance (although both of these factors are not essential)
  8. First (important) to 'Follow' that account (to ensure we don't get banned)
  9. Like their most recent 3 posts (ensuring they are recent, not really old)
  10. If they have a suitable latest post, comment on the last post they put out with an authentic comment. Ensure comments are authentic, relevant to the post you are commenting on and are definitelly not coming across as spammy! If it is a blog post, comment how useful it was. If it is a new office, say how great it looks etc. But be authentic!
  11. Move onto the next account and repeat

Every so often, do a purge of accounts. By this, it is meant go through who we have followed and if they are not following back we can unfollow them. The aim is to keep the 'followers' figure higher than the 'following' figure.

When doing this. you will have to work within the Instagram interaction limits, which are as follows:

'Follow' - upto 100 accounts per day (7-13 per hour)

'Unfollow' - up to 80 per day

'DM' - 20-30 per day

'Like' - 300 per day

'Comment' - 20-30 per day (2-5 comments per hour)

Remember - ensure you do all of this in an organic, natural looking way to ensure we don't get an IG ban!