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Posting on Later

SOP - How We Do this at Paddle Creative!

Later is a tool we use at Paddle to schedule social media posts. Later can be used to schedule to the platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TickTok.


Later has some excellent (if a little American-cheese) training for various topics. Deep-dive into these for general training on the platform and how best to maximum social media platforms:



Scheduling in Later


  • You can use up to 30 hashtags in Instagram. Aim to use as many as you can
  • Try and select ones that are aimed at our target market (e.g. if we have a post aimed at plumbers, use plumbing related hashtags). Remember, hashtags should be aimed at our taget customers, so use hashtags they are likely to see, want to see or engage with
  • In Instagram, separate the hashtags from the actual text content of the post with 1 dot on each line
  • You can also put the hashtags in the first comment, also a good method
  • In Facebook use far fewer hashtags, between 2-5 and ensure there is a few lines space between these and


  • We almost always want to direct people to our website (not every time), and in this case we need to provide a link.
  • Links look ugly! So we always shorten any link using
  • On Instagram, we cannot add links to posts, so use an emoji and text, e.g. 👉LINK IN BIO
  • Then of course we update the link in our Instagram bio to the link we are referencing
  • In Facebook you add the link in the post content (using a similar emoji as above)

Mentions / Tags

The single best way to increase engagement is to tag in other accounts when doing a post. This is not always relevant and sometimes plain incorrect.

However in the following scenarios you can tag other accounts:

  • Cae studies - tag in the business we are talking about, and potentially trade bodies associated to that sector
  • Blogs - Tag in other leading business organisations such as FSB, Growth Hub etc.
  • Location Based - if you are putting a post out about a location, tag in relevant businesses/influencer accounts
  • Topical - Posts related to a current topic could tag in influential accounts associated with that topic

Instagram Feed Aesthetic

Instagram was created as a visual platform and as such we need to ensure that our feed in Instagram is aesthetically pleasing. Using a branded grid pattern is a great way to do this. Think of our Instagram profile as akin to a website home page. It needs to look great!


  • Every platform is different. Instagram is about aesthetics and engagement, Facebook is about content and links
  • Faces - you will almost always gain more interactions if you use faces within imagery, it is a human reaction.
  • Time of Posts - the time you schedule the post will greatly impact the interaction rate. Keep an eye on analytics to discover the best scheduling time and vary it to test new days/times.
  • Use Saved Captions - for any recurring task (e.g. link in bio, regular hashtags) save these as captions and combine saved captions
  • Schedule lots in one go - when you are in the zone, it will flow better! And once it is done, it is done!