What is Google Adwords PPC?

(PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click)

So what is PPC?  Go to Google and search for ‘holidays in the sun’.  Google will present you with results, the first few will be ads and this is PPC, and underneath these you will have what is known as ‘organic’ results (non-paid Google results).

PPC can be hugely costly and in my experience companies waste tens of thousands marketing this way.  HOWEVER…Paddle has a track record in growing companies via PPC and so has developed a certain expertise in this arena. Welcome to Paddle PPC.

The most important part of getting PPC right is defining your target market clearly so you only target people who are relevant.  The second aspect which will help you achieve this is structure of your campaigns.  Combine these two elements with a reasonable budget and BINGO!  You could try and do PPC yourself, however there is a good chance it will not work and/or you will lose money.  Let Paddle take the strain and manage your PPC campaigns from start to finish.  All you need to do is handle the leads that are generated.