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  How much does Webflow cost?

How much does Webflow cost?

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June 28, 2022


Webflow is a growing phenomenon in the world of website development and many web designers are making the switch from template sites like Wix and WordPress. So, if you’re considering joining the 100,00+ individuals already using Webflow, go for it! 

One question that might be dwelling on your mind is: how much does Webflow cost? This resource is here to provide the answer…

Do you have to pay for Webflow?

Essentially, what we want to know here is: is Webflow free to use? The answer is both yes and no.

Each Webflow site starts with the Starter tier, which is completely free. Webflow's free beginner package comes with everything you'll need to get started with the platform. There's no need to enter payment information up front or worry about a trial period because it's always free. Webflow's Starter plan allows you to create up to two websites, however there are several key limitations:

Since the Starter plan does not allow you to export your code or transfer your site to another Webflow account, you will need to upgrade at some time in order to establish a legitimate business website.

In order to start building with Webflow, you have to create an account plan. Webflow currently offers different plans - Account Plan and Site Plan - each offering different subscriptions depending on your needs.

What is the difference between a Webflow Account Plan and Webflow Site Plan?

The first thing to understand about Webflow pricing is that there are two types of plans that serve various purposes: Site plans and Account plans (AKA Workspaces). Site plans, in a nutshell, are priced per site and allow you to link a custom domain to your site. Account plans, on the other hand, are necessary to construct your website using Webflow.

There are non-CMS and CMS Site Options, as well as Ecommerce plans. Site Plans are required for each website that you publish using a custom domain name, and each of your websites will necessitate the purchase of a different plan.

Webflow also provides Account plans (now known as Workspaces). These plans are intended for agencies and freelancers that wish to use Webflow to create and publish websites for their clients. Each plan can be for individuals or teams, both of which allow you to bill your customer anyway you choose. As a result, you may charge them a higher fee to host their website.

To summarise, Account plans allow you to develop your website, while Site plans allow you to connect your website to a custom domain name.

Do I need both an Account (Workspace) & a Site plan?

Yes. To fully utilise the capabilities of Webflow, you'll need a Workspace plan as well as a Site plan for each site you intend to construct. However, you should only switch to paid plans when the free Workspace and two Starter sites in Webflow's Starter plan no longer fulfil your demands.

When you're ready to collaborate with people or construct multiple sites, upgrade to a premium Workspace. When you're ready to grow your design, drive more traffic, or connect a custom domain, upgrade to a premium Site plan.

Webflow Account Plans (Workspaces)

Webflow Account Plan pricing options

Every Webflow site is developed within a Workspace by default. Paid Workspace subscriptions, in particular, enable the opportunity to invite others to collaborate and develop in Webflow. Upgraded Workspaces also allow your team to create more free sites.

Begin with a free Starter Workspace and then upgrade as needed to build multiple sites or add and manage collaborators.

  • Delegate responsibilities and permissions.
  • Increase unhosted site restrictions
  • Transfer sites to different Workspaces 
  • Add team members to your Workspace

Webflow Site Plans

Webflow Site Plan pricing options

You'll need to add a Site plan if you wish to utilise your own custom domain (for example, The Basic site plan will do if you don't wish to utilise the Webflow CMS, but most sites will require the CMS plan to use Webflow's content management system.

You'll need a separate site plan for each project you want to publish to a custom domain (sometimes referred to as a hosting plan). The site plan allows you to use a custom domain for your Webflow site, which is hosted on Amazon Web Servers and distributed through the Fastly Network.

What are the site plans offered by Webflow?

Webflow now provides three website options and three ecommerce plans. The Webflow Editor is included in all plans except the basic plan, and it allows you to alter existing material and generate new content straight on your live website.

Free Staging Plan

If you have a Free Account plan and don't need your site to be hosted on a custom domain or have more pages and features than a premium site plan, you can publish your site on subdomain using the Free staging plan.

Your project may have up to 500 views, 50 CMS items, and 2 static pages with the Free staging plan. On this plan, you'll also get basic CMS control, form customisation tools, and the ability to test Ecommerce features. (To enable your payment gateway and checkout, you'll need to upgrade to a premium Ecommerce plan).

Enhanced staging plan

This is similar to the Free Staging Plan.

You may use the Enhanced staging plan to publish your site on subdomain if you're on a paid account plan and don't need to host your site on a custom domain or require more pages and functionality than a premium site plan gives.

Your project may have up to 1,000 views, 50 CMS items, and 100 static pages with the Enhanced staging plan. On this plan, you'll also get basic CMS control, form modification tools, and the ability to test Ecommerce features. (To enable your payment gateway and checkout, you'll need to upgrade to a premium Ecommerce plan.)

Basic site plan

The Basic site plan is a great starting point if you have a website that you need to host on a custom domain and need access to additional pages and features that a paid site plan offers. Basic site plans are specifically for sites that do not use any CMS or Ecommerce features (e.g., your site wouldn’t need a dynamic blog, portfolio, or store). If you want to use CMS or Ecommerce features in the future, you can always upgrade your plan at a later time. 

CMS or Business site plan

If your site uses CMS features (for example, your site has landing pages, a blog, resources, case studies or a portfolio), you will need either a CMS or Business site plan — the Basic site plan option will be disabled. The CMS and Business site plan includes an incredible CMS features, an Editor with password protection.

If you do not need any CMS functionality in your project, you can remove all CMS content and content collaborators from your project to re-enable the Basic site plan option. 

Ecommerce site plan

If your site uses Webflow’s native Ecommerce features, you will need one of our Ecommerce plans to enable checkout. Click the Ecommerce tab in the Hosting tab of your project’s settings to select an Ecommerce plan.

There are different tiers of Ecommerce plans, each with their own levels of transaction fee and benefits.

How Expensive is Webflow?

Of course, price isn’t the only aspect to consider when you’re evaluating your website platform options. Important factors like design freedom, content management, and hosting should also be considered - and Webflow is the best of the best at those!

But at the end of the day, pricing can be an incredibly compelling dimension to consider, especially for those clients who find themselves asking, ‘why is Webflow so expensive?’, at least as compared to the bargain basement hosting options out there. But as with most things in life, you truly get what you pay for with web hosting and we believe Webflow AWS hosting is the best you can get.

Every website builder has a variety of plans, often priced between $5 and $25 per month. Plans with the ability to operate an online business might cost up to $40 per month. A typical business plan with the majority of website builders will cost around $12 per month, or $144 per year.

Most website builders enable you to join up for a free account, which allows you to play about with the software for as long as you like before upgrading to publish your website.

Webflow's site plans begin at $12 per month. If you want to start an online store, you'll need an Ecommerce plan. Webflow's Ecommerce bundle has a monthly minimum of $29. Webflow also offers free account choices that cost $16 per month if you want enhanced features.

Let's take a closer look at the website development platform, WordPress. Although WordPress is free it can very quickly become spendy in terms of both tangible costs like:

And more intangible costs, such as:

  • Security
  • Platform and plugin updates
  • Performance 

Therefore, it is easy to see how these costs might mount up fast.

Webflow also has a free introductory option, and if you're only creating for customers, there's a high possibility you can continue to use it for free for some time to come. Additionally, Webflow incorporates a variety of features that, if you're using WordPress to build, you can only access through plugins. Webflows included features range from code-free visual design tools to an equally visual CMS to hosting that will reduce your need to delve into tech areas with as PHP, cPanel, and FTP. 

So next time you find yourself wondering, ‘why is Webflow so expensive?’, remember, it is actually not when considering how much money you save in development time, no maintenance, easier to scale your business.

How Much Does Webflow Enterprise Cost?

Webflow Enterprise plan is a service that has been especially designed with enterprise users in mind. It includes a new agency partner programme to make it easier for businesses to implement Webflow.

With the scalability, security, and support that businesses want, Webflow Enterprise provides all the strength and speed of Webflow's visual development platform meaning, combined with enterprise-level upgrades, increased levels of site monthly visits and much more.. Webflow Enterprise entails real-time aesthetic experimentation, upgrading, and innovation on your website without compromising personalization or security.

With custom billing, invoicing, enterprise traffic scaling and guidance all the way, Webflow Enterprise is the way forward for businesses of all sizes. Since each quote is bespoke to suit each individual business and their needs, there is no set cost for using this Webflow feature, though it is likely the more pricey alternative of the options Webflow offers.


To sum it all up, while yes in cases other than the free account, you do have to pay for Webflow, it is absolutely worth it. Taking everything into account, you can fairly easily debunk the myth that Webflow is expensive. It comes readily prepared with near enough everything you could possibly need to make an outstandingly bespoke, functional website that will draw customers in and make business BOOM - a cliché we know, but it’s true!

The important thing is to do your research and compare and contrast your options. You might decide that Webflow isn’t what you’re looking for but it will be hard to argue that Webflow isn’t worth every penny.

If you have any questions or want to find out why Paddle Creative uses Webflow, get in touch.

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