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Giving your business a unique identity and delivering affinity with your customers.

Branding is a vague marketing term often 'branded' about without much thought about what it means or how it can impact your business. At Paddle, branding is everything. Paddle can help you define, create and communicate your brand to your customers.

Branding - We make your world speak

It is fair to say branding is an area that we LOVE at Paddle Creative!

Your business is unique. Paddle help identify what makes your business unique and help you to communicate this to your customers.

Paddle can brand your business by
  • Identifying and defining your target audience
  • Create a logo & strapline
  • Define a colour scheme, tone of voice and brand style guides
  • Competitor & market research
  • Process and system analysis
  • Associated branded creatives such as business cards, letterheads, email signatures, brochures and more.

The age of discovery

Research, research, research

Comprehensive research is no simple process, but detailed analysis of your business, your competitors, your clients and your current brand forms the basis of what happens next.

At this stage, direct questions will be asked, which may make you think about things differently. Good. This process will aim to redefine your business and allow Paddle to redefine and rebrand your ideas into a tangible offering to your customers.

Brand building

the soul of your business

Once we know your business inside out, it is now possible to define just what your business is all about and how it is unique. At this stage, your business will start to come to life, and a brand will emerge. I have a number of businesses looking from a simple logo design Cornwall to more complex and ongoing branding solutions.

Put your brand to work

With a brand identity now actively created, let Paddle put that to work. Of course, an impressive website is essential. Still, it is likely you will need offline creatives to cement your new brand in customers minds.

Need some business cards? No problem.
How about a branded uniform? Sure.
Do you need new menu's, brochures or signage? Step this way.

Paddle does the 'paddling' for you, an all-inclusive service that allows your brand to shine and your business to flourish, and frees your time to focus on what you do best.

Ready to Get Started?

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