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Paddle Creative Has Rebranded - Find Out Why

Paddle Creative Has Rebranded - Find Out Why

Paddle Creative has rebranded. But don’t worry, we still exist in all of our glory and are here to help businesses like yours take over the world.
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January 16, 2022

What Has Happened? And Why?

Paddle Creative has gone from strength to strength since our foundation. We have so many amazing clients and worked on some truly wonderful projects. But we felt as a team the way we represented ourselves as a brand was not representative of the work we are producing.

When Paddle Creative was founded, the ethos was to help SMEs grow their business. The growth of SMEs who have worked with Paddle Creative has been accomplished through a custom approach, expertise and high-quality service. Another important aspect of our foundation was our location, heavily influenced by the Cornish sea (note the turquoise colour in our old brandnig for one).

None of this has changed; indeed, we recently won three awards for our work, our business and client-base have developed. We now work with a multitude of clients in the tech sector. In addition, we have an international client based from Amsterdam to Dubai, from the USA to Paris, whilst still retaining and growing our client base in the South West.

Quite honestly, the level of work we are producing has improved as we have grown our team with highly skilled individuals. However, when comparing our old branding to our clients' work, we realised it was not up to scratch. We needed to up our game in how we represent ourselves.

What does the new branding represent?

Our new branding is heavily influenced by the types of projects we are consistently involved in, the IT and tech sector, internet-based businesses and modern disruptor brands. But, at the same time, it applies to almost any industry, so we hope to show our versatility in what we offer.

The new branding for Paddle Creative, we hope, represents our above client-based, whilst still representing our pillars of friendliness, modern thinking and being at the forefront of digital marketing.

We hope you love our new branding as much as we do. Over the coming weeks we will continue to update our website with our new look, so watch out for amazing things happening at Paddle Creative HQ.

Now…time to take over the world 🚀

If you want to find out how we can help you with your digital marketing, custom website or growing your business, get in touch now.

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