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What Is A Webflow Developer?

What Is A Webflow Developer?

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December 21, 2022


Websites are a must-have in today's digital age for businesses all around the world. They help potential customers learn more about your company by telling them who you are, what you do, and why you do it. For many years, creating a website fit for leading businesses required an army of designers, developers, Javascript specialists and everything in between. 

Along came Webflow and changed the whole picture. As a result, a team of Webflow Experts, or Webflow Developers can achieve more than it would previously possible.

Webflow is a completely dynamic, cloud-based content management system. It aids in the creation of visually appealing, responsive and stable websites.  They require far less upkeep than others. Check out this blog to learn why you should use Webflow.

Who is a Webflow developer?

A person who creates websites using Webflow is known as a Webflow developer.

Given assistance from Webflow to help them construct certain web page designs and add particular features, a Webflow developer has all the abilities required to create a Webflow website. The developer also possesses the technological expertise needed to contribute to the creation of secure websites.

In order to control coding concepts like CSS, Webflow offers a unique visual development tool, and as a result, it ties together the processes of designing and developing. Additionally, it may help creative teams by enhancing cooperation and workflow. Better deliveries are the outcome of this.

Webflow developers typically have a strong understanding of web design and development principles, as well as experience working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. That is certainly the case with our small but expert team at Paddle Creative.

Webflow Developers Responsibilities

Now we know that what a Webflow developer does,  it’s time to delve into the nitty gritty of their responsibilities. Along with creating web pages with different designs and functions, a Webflow developer must also engage in consumer research in order to create effective pages based on KPIs. 

Webflow Developers, in the sense of the word develop websites on Webflow. Due to the visual nature of the platform you will find many Webflow Developers also design, whether in Figma first or directly in Webflow.

We all know a big factor that gets us to stay on a website is its aesthetic, and so it’s important that Webflow developers develop attractive and conversion-optimised pages and adding a few innovative interactive concepts in Webflow can only make the web page more impactful.

Webflow developers use the platform's design and development tools to create custom website layouts, add interactive elements, and integrate with other web technologies. They may also be responsible for maintaining and updating the website once it has been launched.

Why Hire Webflow Developers?

Having a website developer by your side will make the process of creating your online presence a much better experience, but why choose a Webflow developer? 

As you may have heard, here at Paddle Creative we are big Webflow fans, and it’s for good reason. More than 3.5 million designers, marketers, and developers entrust Webflow, one of the most well-liked website builders, with the task of designing, developing, and scaling attractive websites. Webflow would be an excellent option to start off on top since it is only increasing in popularity.

You can be confident that your company's website will look amazing and work on all devices if you hire a Webflow Expert. A Webflow developer will create the website in accordance with the client's objectives and requirements, while handling user authentication processes and upholding your company identity, whether it's an online store (e-commerce) or with interactive animations. Additionally, a Webflow developer will be familiar with SEO and will know where to look for the finest solutions to help your company website rank well. Webflow itself is great for SEO too since it comes readily equipped with all of the tools necessary to achieve top-level SEO criteria - find out all the ways Webflow is good for SEO in this useful blog.

How to find a good Webflow developer

There are a few locations to start looking for Webflow developers as well as some things to think about.

Webflow is the ideal starting point, as you may have anticipated. You can locate independent Webflow developers through the Webflow website, and with new features added to Webflow, they can even pair you up with professionals they believe will best fit you and your needs with their matchmaker Webflow Experts feature.

Google Search

Run a quick search for the developer's name on Google. You may use this to locate any online articles or reviews that have been published about them. Additionally, it can help you gauge their web presence.

Research online directories

Webflow developers can be found in a number of web directories. This is an excellent method for locating developers all around the world, so whether you’re looking for someone close to home or a million miles away, online directories will help you out. 

Explore their portfolio

Examining a Webflow developer's portfolio should be your initial step in the hiring process. This will provide you with a fair indication of their experience and skill set. It's a red signal if they don't have a portfolio.

If they are a website development agency, explore their website and look out for pages like ‘Our Work', ‘Projects’ and ‘Testimonials’, these will give you a good insight into their previous work and also what their clients think about them.

What is their process like?

Getting a new website can be a pain in the ass, quite frankly, if not done correctly. Finding a Webflow Developer who has the right processes in place can ensure your site migration or build goes smoothly. From wireframing to going live, ensure you know what their process is and it fits your brief.

Consider hiring a Webflow development agency or team, like Paddle Creative. An agency or team may have multiple developers with different skill sets, which can be helpful if you have a complex project.

When looking for a Webflow developer, be sure to review their portfolio, ask for references, and clearly communicate your project goals and timeline. It's also a good idea to have a clear budget in mind so you can find a developer who fits your needs and budget.

The Future for Webflow Developers

There is no doubt that Webflow is taking hold of the web, with millions of sites migrating to Webflow from other platforms such as WordPress. Webflow provides web designers with all the tools they need to work more quickly and successfully. Moreover, it produces professional results. Also, there is a benefit of a seamless user experience. Undoubtedly, it has completely changed the web development industry.


Businesses worldwide are using Webflow to develop fully functional and responsive websites and now you know why. As always, if you have any questions or are looking for a Webflow Expert of your own, Paddle Creative are on hand.

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