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How to Write an Awesome About Us Page on Your Website

How to Write an Awesome About Us Page on Your Website

One of the most common questions I get from clients when I ask them for website content is ‘what should I write about on the ‘About’ page on my website'. Here I shall attempt to answer that question.
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July 14, 2020

The ‘About’ or ‘About Us’ page is one of the most visited pages of your website. This often poorly executed page is a crucial part of your website and securing new clients. If done correctly, it will increase your conversion rate from web browser to customer. But what does a good ‘About’ page look like and what should you write about?

Spoiler alert! The About page is not all about you. Sorry to break it to you but you read that right, when writing a good About page, it is not all about you. At this point, you may be scratching your head wondering what the heck an About page should contain if not information about you or your company. Read on to discover more.

Why is an About Page Important?

To answer this question, think why your customers are clicking onto this page in the first place. Do they want to read that you completed a 10km charity run or have a dog called Frank? Nope…the average customer is looking for answers to a few key questions.

  1. What you are all about
  2. Your company culture
  3. What are your USPs (unique selling points)
  4. How you can help them

In short, when writing an About page, keep this one question in mind that your customer will be thinking when reading your About page – “how can this company solve my problem.”

The customer is not visiting the About page to find out about you; they want to find out if you can solve their problem. If talking about yourself is part of answering that question, talk a little about yourself. But remember, this is about your customer and not you.

1. What you are all about

OK, so this is vague, but primarily here is where you need to get across, succinctly what you and your company are all about. Getting across what you are all about is the one part where you can potentially discuss the history of you/the company and set the scene for what you offer.

2. Your company culture

Company culture sounds corporate right? But actually, all this means in most cases is your tone of voice, how you reflect your brand identity in messaging, how you treat employees (if you have any) and crucially, how you treat your customers. What is vital in how you handle enquiries or how you approach each project, for example. Are you a casual beach bum, or a relaxed but efficient and highly conscientious operator? You can begin to set yourself apart from the competition by setting out how you operate. For instance, you could highlight that whilst a professional organisation, you treat each customer as an individual and so service their needs individually.

3. What are your USP (unique selling points)

You likely have lots of competitors. Every company claims they offer best value for money, that it does the best job (apparently) – but what do you do differently and better? Are you highly experienced (and can prove it with a great job history)? Do you offer something in your product or service that your competitors do not? You need to define your USP and tell your customers about it in a non-sales way. If you go the extra mile, shout about it and why you do that. If you include something with your offering that others don't, tell the reader. You can also use this page to develop trust with your potential customers, such as any including any awards or references to your work. This will help to answer that crucial question – how this company can solve my problem.

4. How can you help them?

Now you have established your USP, defined your tone and set your stall out, ensure that your About page above all answers that one question, how can you help the customer through your experience/expertise/product/service? You need to make this clear and deliver a concise value offering to the potential customer. Do not lie or exaggerate what you can offer; always remember the adage, under-promise but over-deliver! You need to set this part out right at the top of your page, ideally as a sub-header to grab attention, and then go on to discuss this in more detail within the content, and use images to back this up or reinforce your points.

Should I include SEO keywords in my About page?


SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is the art of trying to get your website to appear higher in Google rankings. There is a vast range of factors in SEO performance and what keywords you use within your content is only a small part of this process. If you want to increase SEO performance, you, of course, need to include some of your desired keywords within your content somewhere. However, it would help if you wrote for the reader and do not write for Google as Google and your reader will spot this. So you can include the occasional reference to a select few keywords but do not under any circumstance stuff keywords into your content, especially on the About page. But you can subtly write about your products or services using keywords. Paddle Creative offer keyword research as part of new website builds or SEO services - get in touch to find out more.

Should I write about the services I offer?

Yes, you need to write about the services or products that you offer. This should be undertaken in a manner that answers your readers' question, of how you can help them. If you talk about your services on the About page, studies indicate you will likely convert more visitors to customers as you have just educated the visitor on this page about how great you are and hopefully built a rapport. So get this right it is likely you will be more likely to convert.

Should I include an image of yourself on the About page?

Matt Connelly Paddle Creative

This all depends on what your company does and how it is set up. If you are a company with many employees, then the short answer is probably no, a company with multiple employees is perhaps the sum of its parts. As such emblazoning, your image as the sole workhorse is perhaps not a good look. Probably. Because every company is different; if your company is all about you or your name is the brand, then, of course, you need an image of you in there somewhere to reinforce the brand. If your company is a solo operation then it would make sense to stick an image of you in there somewhere to give a friendly introduction into you and break that initial barrier that you are a real person. But bear in mind the information above in that generally speaking this page is more about your customer than it is about you. Using this theory it makes sense to include images of your products or service in action. Take a look at the Paddle Creative About page – you see me 😊. But I am not the main image. Imagine a cake shop, on the About page would you like to see a picture of Mary, the cake baker, or some delicious cakes? The cakes of course, but we’d like to see the cake baker Mary somewhere on the page to help build trust (ideally baking the delicious cakes 🧁).

Should I include a contact form?

If you have followed the above advice correctly, then you have engaged and built trust with your potential customers. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to ask them to contact you or sign up for email subscriptions. Add a contact form on your About page, and you will likely see an increased conversion rate.

So, there you have it, an About page is not actually about you, but is about your customer! Of course, that is not entirely accurate; actually, it is all about you, but you need to ensure you consistently answer the question of how you can meet the needs of the potential customer and what does this consumer want? Answer that question, and you will see conversions rocket and new customers aplenty.

If you need help with your website or your content, contact Paddle Creative now to discover how I help business owners like yours achieve sustained growth.

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