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You Need a Website That Will
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Pass the 3 second test

Your site has 3 seconds to grab attention. Make sure your website is as unique as your business.

better than your competitors

Make sure you set the highest bar to win new potential customers.

Convert like a rockstar

Looking pretty is one thing, converting visitors into customers is the aim of the game.

Get Found on Google

Your Paddle website will be Google-ready to give you a solid foundation.

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A new,bespoke website which is mobile friendly.
Associated works including drone videos and SEO work have helped to propel Cornwall Discovered forwards.
The website showcases the tours to the full to encourage bookings.
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We understand that you have a business you want to grow and beat the competition out of the water. Time to Paddle!
100% Bespoke Websites

Your business is unique. That is why we don't use templates, to make sure your business has a truly unique online presence 📐
What's more, your project will be produced in-house, meaning you can be confident it won't be passed offshore somewhere. We will understand your requirements and act upon them ourselves.

SEO & Google Friendly

By default, all websites will be Google friendly and techincally SEO-ready! We also offer a full SEO service, so we know what it takes to ensure you get found on Google.

Convert Like a Rockstar

We don't just make websites that look great. They are built around a framework that will ensure you convert visitors into paying customers ✨

Certified Experts

One of only a handful of certified 'Webflow Experts' in the UK! We have been using the platform expertly for years and we love it! This means no plugins, no maintenance, and a blank canvas. If we can dream it, we can make it! We have even won awards for our work 🏆

Secure & Money Saving

Forget plugins. Forget security updates. Your Paddle-built site will be secure and requires ZERO maintenance due to the platform we build on 🔒 👍

Easy Process for You

We have a clear process, meaning you can concentrate on your business and not managing a developer. We provide you with the process to follow and get the project completed with minimal fuss 🍹

5 Easy Steps to Success.


Get Started

Get in touch and tell us about your project in as much detail as possible.


Outline the Vision

We agree a sitemap and a content direction for you to work with.


Create Content

Provide your content, and our team turns it into a unique website.



We launch your site, then hand over to you to easily manage your website (or we can do it for you).


Time to Grow

Grow your business with a new unique, modern online prescence.


Ready to Get Started?

Ready to take the next step? Send us a message or give us a call to discuss your project today!

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Do you use templates to build websites?

Absolutely not! All websites built by Paddle are bespoke from scratch, and based entirely around the needs of your business. You will be able to find ‘cheaper’ websites by searching online. But what you will find (probably without realising) is that these cheaper offerings are simply templates which people change the images and text and pass off as a website built for your business. A template is simply a whole lot of code and has not been developed to fit your business needs.

Think of it this way; you could get your wedding dress from Asda (no offence to Asda, they do excellent ice cream), nothing wrong with that if that is what you are after. But most brides want to look their absolute best on their wedding day, and so will get a dress they love, and then make sure it fits! If you are passionate about your business, the dress (we mean website) should be one that fits your business like a wedding dress fits a bride and is made for you! Your website will be built from scratch for your business.

Will I have to pay to make changes to my website after it is live?

No! We see it as an old-fashioned business model that means you have to pay a couple of hundred pounds for small changes like changing a phone number. Paddle Creative does not believe this is the way it should be – it is your website, and you should have control over it!

One of the most critical aspects of a bespoke website created by Paddle Creative is you will have the power to make many changes yourself. You will have access to a powerful CMS (content management system) and editor, meaning you will easily be able to alter the content on the website yourself, long-after it has wowed your customers! What’s more, Paddle will record a bespoke training video showing you how to edit the site so editing and updating your site will be easy peasy! You may even be able to add pages yourself depending on how we agreed to structure the site.

That said, if you would like your website developing even further later down the like, such as a whole new section for a new market or product, Paddle will be ready to assist. Pricing will be reasonable, and as we will know your business and website inside out, any work will match what you currently have.

What platform are your websites built on?

For the most part, Paddle builds websites based around the Webflow platform. Webflow is a powerful platform that some huge companies have built their websites using. It is relatively new to the UK market, but it is the fastest growing web site platform in the USA. Paddle is an official 'Webflow Expert' Partner, reserved for the best and most trustworthy web developers using their platform. The strength of Webflow is the fantastic power it brings to design flexibility. This flexibility means that the site Paddle builds for you will be bespoke to your business, made so much easier with the Webflow platform.

Can I get my website cheaper elsewhere?

Yes, probably. That is an odd thing for a business to say, but a cheap website will cheapen your business – Paddle Creative does not do cheap, we offer bespoke but cost-effective. A bad website can do more harm than good. In the long run, it is much more cost-effective to have a properly built and optimised website rather than run the risk of the damage a poorly designed website can do. Added to that, a bespoke and carefully thought out website will enhance your brand and give you a platform on which to build your business on moving forwards.

Many companies also offer ‘cheap’ websites then charge you through the nose for small adjustments. Paddle Creative will not do that; we will build your website so that you have the power to easily make many changes yourself with a power Content Management System.

Can you host the site?

Sure thing! In fact we insist.

We have gone all-in on Webflow and because we believe it is the best and most user-friendly platform on the market.

We host using the Webflow integrated Amazon Web Servers (AWS), this means you get to utilise the CMS of Webflow, and the power, speed and security of AWS hosting. You will find 'cheaper' hosting, but we challenge you to find better hosting. Hosting starts from £25 per month, depending on the type of site. This includes full-access to the bespoke CMS.

Do you build websites using Wordpress?

No. Nope. Whilst we are not going to start ‘Wordpress’ bash right here, let’s just say we saw early on in the company development that Wordpress was not the platform we wanted to hang our hat on. There are a few reasons why, one main issue is security and reliance on plugins. So if you would like a Wordpress website, then unfortunately we cannot help. But the actual platform your website will be built on is Webflow, which removes many of the issues that Wordpress sites present, in our opinion.

Will you outsource my project?

No! Fear not, we will not stick your project on cheapfreelancer.com, we handle it in house with out network of experts. Design and development will all be completed in-house by our experts.

Your project will be managed by an experienced Project Manager, but you will likely get the full force of the Paddle Creative team working hardon your project in the background.